After the immensely successful and popular ROCKFEST, We are proud to present "ROCKFEST II: BIGGER BADDER LOUDER!!" on June 1st at the upscale Revival located at 783 College Street.

7 underground Desi rock bands will duke it out for 14 hours recording time and will open for Toronto Desi rockers FALAK at their next gig!

Sick and tired of the same old Bollywood song and dance? Feel the need to ROCK OUT? Do NOT miss this event!

About the Pakistani Rock Scene
It is fascinating to see how the Pakistani Rock scene has recently become one of the genres associated with music in the Sub-Continent, even within music circles outside of Pakistan. It is no surprise that Susan Sarandon, along with noted Hollywood directors, actually traveled to Pakistan to film "Islamabad Rock City", a documentary about Rock music in Pakistan, specifically in Islamabad, where the rock scene is rooted. It could be the socio-political imbalance and the rebellious attitude of Rock music melding together to create this feverishly loyal scene, or it could simply be that Pakistani youth grew tired of the same old poppy-filmy pseudo masseuse that "artists" in Pakistan continue to churn out. Either way, one thing is certain.
PR has become a category within the Sub-Continent's music realm, and is going nowhere anytime soon.

It is important to understand that PR is not a strictly Pakistani concept. Pakistani Rock is the name of the rock scene that includes the entire subcontinent. Music is something without any boundaries and ownership.  In the 80's, Nazia and Zohaib Hassan's music belonged as much to Indian fans (and they are credited with starting the so-called Indi-pop scene) as it does to Pakistani ones. Its the same with Pakistani Rock. PR is becoming more and more of an emerging genre, like nu-rock, rather than something that is nationally specific and owned by any one particular people. It is not unusual for youngsters from New Delhi and Amritsar to drive a couple of hours and see their favorite Pakistani Rock bands in Islamabad and Lahore, something which was unthinkable even 5-6 years ago due to border complications. Pakistani Rock has become a kind of a niche market, kind of like the Seattle Rock scene in the 90s which churned out amazing bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sound Garden. High profile magazines in New Delhi regularly feature articles and reviews on new PR bands and album sales have gone up in India as well. Music has once again managed to bridge the Desi community together!

The Desi community in Canada has grown stronger in recent years. Keeping up with trends in the homeland, Rock managed to leak its way into music circles here and has currently become a formidable force. Gone are the days when Desi music comprised only of classical Indian instruments, or some very badly written Bollywood singles lip synced in front of a "mela" audience. Toronto has a thriving PR scene, and this was shown in kind by last year's "Rockfest" where 6 of Canadian PR's finest duked it out live at the trendy Revival located on College street. Spear-headed by Can-Pak rockers FALAK, the event drew nearly 600 people and was enjoyed by all. It was featured on CTV and OMNI TV and brought Falak to a new mainstream audience. Falak was asked to do an interview with Toronto's largest newspaper publication, The Toronto
Star, as well as radio interviews on CBC.

This year, not wanting to let a good thing go, Scimitar Management, alongside various Desi Student Associations from around the GTA are preparing for the next Rock onslaught happening again at the Revival on June 1st 2006. Considering the success of the event last year, it would be safe to assume that this Rockfest, aptly entitled "Rockfest II", is going to be bigger, badder, and louder! Falak will be headlining this event as well, alongside various Desi rock bands that will duke it out for 14 hours of recording time. Our mission is to nurture the desi rock bands of North America so that they are able to join the various rock bands from the sub-continent and bridge a community that is held together by the music, and the music alone.

This year's Rockfest promises to be a fun-filled event with 7 bands, plus the headliners Falak and Zzen. The Revival, located in the heart of Toronto's trendy little Italy, is one of the city's top venues for rock bands and hip hop/house DJs alike. The atmosphere is high voltage, the rock will be loud and this is one event you do NOT want to miss!